Bitmap to vector


Does anyone come across such situation that your scanned images or images from the internet turn out to be obscure or blurred while printing them on the prints or the advertisements? Do you know why it will result in this kind of phenomenon and how we can avoid this situation. To figure out the solution, we need to find out the reason why it will cause this situation.


First,all scanned images are bitmaps and all images from the internet are bitmaps.While printing, we might reduce the size or increase the size of our bitmaps on the prints or the advertisements.However,it's difficult to increase or decrease their size of the bitmap without sacrificing a degree of image quality. Therefore the scanned images or the bitmaps need to be vectorized into another images, which is the bitmap image to vector images process.


The vector images can be resized into any size without any loss of resolution. You may increse the size or decrease the size without concerning about the quality loss. So no matter what kind of bitmap images you need to print in the prints or advertisement, you just need change them from bitmap to vector one.


We provides the bitmap to vector conversion services.No matter what kind of bitmap image you provide, we can vectorize them from bitmap to vector. Then you will use the vector images to do whatever you like,such as printing in the prints or the advertisements. Our bitmap to vector services ensure you that you will get a bitmap to vector image with superior quality.

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Scaled to any size without quality loss.