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Currently more and more companies ask the logo designers to convert logo to vector.And the demand of converting logo to vector is increasing rapidly due to the rapid development of the technology.But have you ever thought of why so many companies would like to convert logo to vector and the demand is increasing?


First logo reprensents the characters and/ or the graphics design to identify a company.And now more and more companies have their own website and logo to show their distinguishing feature.But the original logo is manually drawn or scanned in a raster format. And the logo in the raster format will become obscure or blurred and their colour may become dark when we enlarge or narrow the raster logo. Therefore the convert logo to vector is in need. The vector image can be resized into any size without loss of the resolution and the quality after converting the logo to vector.


PGCONVERSION excels in converting logo to vector and can craft a professional and unique corporate logo by converting logo to vector for your company, product or business.Our competent designers and vector experts can produce a high-end vectorized output from a raster format.If you have an old logo, graphic or artwork that is hand drawn or scanned, it can be resized into any size whithout the loss of clariry after we convert logo to vector.


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Scaled to any size without quality loss.