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Maybe a number of people are familiar with the JPG while it is not very clear about what is the JPG to vector.Nowadays more and more people suffer the internet to look for some images, which are always saved in the jpg format on the web and is very familiar to us, but have you ever found that the images will become obscure or blurred while we print them on the prints or the advertisements.Do you know why the printed image will become less clear than the image in jpg format?


Jpg is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the original name of the committee that wrote the standard.Now jpg has developed into one of the image file formats suppported on the web.Actually, the images saved as the jpg format has lost the original colour,which the human eye can not detect.Therefore when the users enlarge or narrow the jpg image, the image loses clarity and sharpness.While the vector image can be scaled up or down to any size without any loss of resolution.


Now we can help you vectorize the image in the jpg file to the vector image.The jpg to vector image also enable you to change colour and edit individual elements with ease.we ensures you that any image saved as the jpg file can be vectorized into the vector without the loss of the resolution.Meanwhlie the vector image can be scaled into any size with superior quality.


Supposing you have a logo or artwork which you design by yourself , create by using photo editing software or draw manually by yourself, we can re-draw the logos or artwork into a vector graphics.


Just Upload your existing logo or artwork as a JPG file and we'll let you know whether we can re-draw it and also will offer our quotation.


If you have a hand-drawn image,you can scan it at a minimum of 150 pdi and save it as a JPG file, then you can send it to us by E-mails or order form.