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Raster to vector conversion

Supposing you want to print a raster image on the prints or the advertisements, then you will find out that the image on your prints or the advertisementsis unclear or obscure.Do you know why it will result in this kind of phenomenon and how we can avoid this situation. To figure out the solution , we need to find out the reason why it will cause this situation.


First to solve this problem, we need know raster images can not scaled up or down infinitely with the loss of resolution.Therefore the image on the prints or the advertisements will be unclear or obscure. we need to change this kind of raster image into a better image while printing.Then here we have the raster to vector conversion, which will change the raster image into a vector image.


Meanwhile the vector image will guarantee it can be scaled up or down infinitely without the loss of resolution and are much smaller files compared to the raster files. Vector images also allow you to change color and edit individual elements with ease. So the raster image to vector image conversion plays an important role while printing and people use the vector image but not the raster image while printing.


Then the we provides the raster to vector conversion services, which will make your raster images more clear and easier to use in the vector format. Our raster to vector conversion is manually draw without using automated software.We can convert any low resolution raster image into vector ones with high quality.


Supposing you have a logo or artwork which you design by yourself , create by using photo editing software or draw manually by yourself, we can re-draw the logos or artwork into a vector graphics.


Just Upload your existing logo or artwork as a JPG file and we'll let you know whether we can re-draw it and also will offer our quotation.


If you have a hand-drawn image,you can scan it at a minimum of 150 pdi and save it as a JPG file, then you can send it to us by E-mails or order form.