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Vector decals

Vector decals may be very unfamiliar to many people.The vector decals are very popular with the business men.Currently we have seen the car decal, auto decals, truck decals and motorcycle decal.But do you know why the image on the surface of the vehicles will be so clear and colorful.Here it is due to the vector decals.


As the rapid development of the decal technology, more and more people require vector decal to decal some unique images on their vehicles or the skin. The image that they want to use may be manually designed or suffer the internet to download the images.And these images may be saved in the raster,bitmap or jpg file. These raster,bitmap or jpg images will become obscure or blurred when the user enlarge or narrow them in decal.


So these images need to be vectorized into vector ones. Here it comes the vector decals.Vector decals ensure the image will be very clear and attractive while they decal the image on the vehicles. All vector decals are one solid color of your choice and can be applied to your vehicle body, car window, truck, motorcycle,home or office windows. The vector decal has a wide application.


Now we also provide the vecor conversion services with people who would like to decal the image.we provide vector image with superior quality at reasonable price. Our vector image is manually drawn without using automated software, creating superior image. We can convert any low resolution artwork or hand sketched drawings into high quality vector files, which will be very useful for the decals.


Supposing you have a logo or artwork which you design by yourself , create by using photo editing software or draw manually by yourself, we can re-draw the logos or artwork into a vector graphics.


Just Upload your existing logo or artwork as a JPG file and we'll let you know whether we can re-draw it and also will offer our quotation.


If you have a hand-drawn image,you can scan it at a minimum of 150 pdi and save it as a JPG file, then you can send it to us by E-mails or order form.